Has Christmas Music Become Overrated?

Nathan Neubauer, Contributor

As Christmas after Christmas passes by, the songs we have all heard since childhood always seem to bring joy to many. However, in recent years, with the amount of classic holiday songs that have been remade, these holiday songs have lost their sentimental value. To some, this leads to holiday carols being considered overrated.

There are so many classic songs that people enjoy every year, such as “All I want for Christmas is You,” “White Christmas,” “I’ll be Home for Christmas” and “Underneath the Tree.” However, these songs all portray similar messages. All of these songs talk about having someone come home for Christmas to be with family. Sure, this is a common occurrence for the Christmas season, as millions will travel all across the world to visit family and friends during the Christmas season; however, this typical Christmas story has become overused in the entertainment and music industry. This has potentially caused the drop in Christmas music listened to during the holiday season in the last few years.

Another reason for Christmas music becoming overrated is the fact that Christmas music is no longer music that is listened to during a specific time of the year. Millions of Americans listen to Christmas music year-round as music streaming services have become a staple in American pop culture. This has led to some feeling Christmas music is overplayed because by the time Christmas comes every year, people have already been listening to these classic songs for the entirety of the year. 

Christmas songs have been a staple to all those who celebrate the holiday for many years. These songs are cherished by many, but the holiday music genre has become overrated due to overplaying, similar stories, and the constant remakes that are not as good as the originals.