How Many University of North Carolinas Even Are There?

How Many University of North Carolinas Even Are There?

Grace Marshall, Contributor

“I’m applying to the University of North Carolina.” Okay? Which one? Most people attribute the UNC title to The University of Carolina at Chapel Hill, as this is the state’s “Public Ivy,” but there are actually seven universities in the system with- technically- this same title.

Within the system, it is no surprise that Chapel Hill’s university gets to be the go-to ‘UNC’ in the minds of most people. It was the nation’s first public university, it holds some of the greatest research facilities around, and it is filled with students passionate about their future careers, athletic, medical, and otherwise. With a 20% acceptance rate for out-of-state students, (the school has to meet a quota of North Carolina residents upon admission because of the funding it gets from the state,) it is an honor to be accepted and become a Tar Heel.

Next up is the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. 10 minutes from the beach, the university has wonderful student life and community, despite its lack of a football team. The school is also different from Chapel Hill in that it is 67% female, instead of split equally.

In Charlotte, NC lies the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. UNCC provides students with a “light rail” to the city, the largest in the state, and has just recently updated all of its housing and recreation facilities. Their rec center is the nicest around at the moment as it is brand new, huge, and available to any student! (Not merely athletes.)

UNCG is the University of North Carolina in Greensboro. As a public research university, it houses over 20,000 students, and it is the largest and most diverse university in the Piedmont Triad. It also has over 175 areas of undergraduate study, and 250 areas of graduate study.

Asheville also has its own UNC. UNCA is the only designation liberal arts university in the system. It is vastly different from the previous four as it only houses around 3,200 undergraduate students, but the work done there certainly holds up against its neighboring UNCs.

Nearing the end, we have the University of North Carolina School of Art. As the first public arts conservatory in the country, it is quite selective and requires many auditions for students following specific tracks in the arts.

Finally, there is UNC Pembroke. With less than 2,000 students, it is smaller than our high school, and it is the only 4-year public institution founded by Native Americans!

All of these universities are wonderful options for post-high school education and each offer different college experiences.