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School Stress
Addison Selby, Creative Writing Submission • June 7, 2024

I can’t even begin to describe how largely school has impacted my life. The place where my dreams are put to the test I’m forced to carry the heavy burden of stress Countless...

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The Pledge
June 7, 2024
When I Was a Kid
June 7, 2024

When I Was a Kid


When I was a kid.

Dirt under my fingernails was a constant 

When I was a kid

The scrapes that were plastered all over my knees, were a sting that seemed to linger with me wherever my feet carried me. 

When I was a kid

My backyard was a kingdom and I? Its rightful heir.

When I was a kid 

I had wings that allowed me to sore through the air

When I was a kid

Reality was flexible, I could bend it to my imagination 

I could bend it to my will.

But when I was a kid 

I wanted to grow up

Then I actually grew a little 

And with that

You go to more school, things start to get serious.

If you have that childlike fun people think you’re delirious. 

The paths we traveled so much as children start to over grow

Our feet forgetting the feeling of dirt below

Age lines set in too early


We rushed to grow up 

We hurried a process that strips some of their imagination

And others of curiosity. 

We no longer wonder

We get jobs, 

things we never wanted to do,

 things that we have no interest in.

Some try to hold on to their youth,

 they are told to stop acting like a child. 


What has ever been wrong with that childlike sparkle of wonder 


When I was a kid 

My Dad encouraged us to challenge the world 

My brother, created worlds around us 

Wrapped in joy and fear 

Allowing us to have that creativity

Because when I was a kid 

I loved the dirt under my fingernails 

I loved the pain that my knees clung to 

I loved my loyal subjects 

I loved the wings that held me in the wind

And I hated growing up

I hated the responsibilities 


My little brother my saving grace 

Whispered a question one day 

¨Who else would pass on our older brothers worlds?¨


It made me feel alive 

Like I had something of my youth to cling on to 

So the next time you think of a stupid child like idea 

Do it!

Climb something random 

Do something that goes against the boring adult grain 

Because now that I´m older

I wish I was a kid.

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