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Something many students across FCPS don’t know is that we have a SMOB. What is an SMOB? An SMOB stands for Student Member Of the Board of Education. Their role is to represent all students across the county and present to the Board of Education (BOE) our opinions, concerns, issues, ideas, etc. Currently our Elect SMOB is Brooke Liberman; she is an 11th grader at Urbana High School. She has attended schools to talk to students, presented at Frederick County Association of Student Councils (FCASC), and been present at BOE meetings.


Every year middle school & high school students are supposed to vote for a candidate to whom they want to be SMOB. Generally, there are posters like the one below and there are videos shown in your history classes about candidates and their platforms. Although those videos are helpful, here is each candidate and their platform:


SMOB Candidate Current Grade & School Main Priorities
Alex Thomas 10th grade/ LHS
  1. To improve curriculum to engage more students
  2. Find ways to improve school safety and to decrease bullying
  3. Gain financial aid for students including increasing potential scholarships
Lillian Holden 11th grade/CHS
  1. Advocate for mental health resources
  2. Create Student SEL programs to build trust within students
  3. Improve curriculum inequalities
Pranav Sristy 11th grade/UHS
  1. Create financial support for after school extracurriculars
  2. Expand College Readiness
  3. Support for students mental, physical and social health
Elijah Steele 11th grade/GTJHS
  1. Increase diversity within the curriculum
  2. Work with students to find comfortable ways to grow student-student relations
  3. Provide mental health resources and spread awareness for them to students


Some things to think about when selecting a candidate to vote for is (1) find a candidate(s) who your interests align with, (2) find a candidate(s) who you feel have good communication or ideas, (3) look into each candidate and go through their resume to see if they set your standards for qualifications and finally (4) vote for a SMOB you feel will truly represent you. 


On Thursday Jan 11, THS SGA joined with BCMS & CMS SGA’s on a google meet to meet and ask questions to SMOB candidates. Here were some of the questions asked and each candidate’s responses… 


  • What are plans or how will you attempt to connect with students who don’t have social media?
Alex Thomas
  • Use student member advisory council open up for middle schools too
  • Make opportunities to students through teachers, parents, admin, etc
Lillian Holden
  • Use student member advisory council
  • Commute with schools
  • Connect with each school’s SGA 
Pranav Sristy
  • Connect through staff in schools
  • Reach out to parents to help their kids become more involved
  • School announcements, advertisements would be used
Elijah Steele
  • Going to schools and meeting students 
  • Make google forms 


  • How do you plan to improve school “social climates” within schools?


Alex Thomas
  • Students-student confrontation to work on strategies to not have repeated situations
  • Systems where if its constantly one student causing the issue, move them and work with them and a trusted adult to find a better way of communication
Lillian Holden
  • Restorative practices: communication between students and addressing everyone rather than just the people in a situation
  • Student voices expansion
Pranav Sristy
  • Increase school spirit (pep rallies, spirit weeks
  • Have more strategies on building trust between student and teacher to have some level of comfort
Elijah Steele
  • Have more defined times with teachers to request meetings with teachers or teachers & counselor if your confused or upset about 
  • Something see something say 


  • What’s a past leadership position that prepares you for the role of SMOB?  


Alex Thomas
  • FCASC executive board
  • Masc executive board
  • Worked with smobs state and county
  • Many extracurriculars
  • Class president
Lillian Holden
  • SGA president
  • Member of SMOB advisory council for 2yrs now
  • In honor society & other extracurriculars
  • Student voices
Pranav Sristy
  • Works with nonprofits 
Elijah Steele
  • CTC culinary arts program
  • Team captain for soccer team


Titans, it is up to us. We should vote so we can have the best representation and can help improve FCPS education. If you ever have any questions email [email protected] or look up each candidates platform https://www.fcps.org/boe/student-board-member-election 


Candidates platforms: 

(insta) @alex.for.smob,  @pranav_for_smob,  @lillian_4_smob,  @tj.smob 

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