Self Improvement


Melissa Romero Torres, Contributor

Many factors cause us to feel doubtful about ourselves like school, work, sports, and even relationships. Whether you’re going through a life crisis or just find yourself in a place you don’t want to be, there are always ways to get yourself back together in a better healthy way. Self-improvement is the improvement of one knowledge or appearance through one’s efforts, it’s almost always how you start to be able to change your life drastically in a good way. There are many methods out there to help you but I will be giving the tips that I find the most helpful.  

Tips for knowledge self-improvement:

Self-awareness: if you’re serious about getting better at something, then you have to acknowledge where you stand.

Focus on a path: for most of us, I’m starting to realize that when we try to set a goal it becomes a problem of actually getting things done but I found that making progress on certain paths that are very important is a better way to do things 

Start now: when it comes to self improvement, don’t put off that you will start “next week” or “next month,” you have to start now and work towards improving yourself and making the process

Tips for appearance self-improvement:

Ask yourself why you want to self-improve: if you’re trying to change how you look for someone else, your already starting off wrong, you want to have a mindset where you changing because of your own choice and only what feels right to you 

Stay true to yourself: most of the time we get carried away when we feel more confident about ourselves and others notice, always remember how you started, and don’t change the way you are just because others do 

Be realistic: start with making a useful list of things you want to self-improve and what you don’t like and then consider what you can change about your appearance, for example, drinking lots of water can improve your skin, etc.