Words on Bathroom Walls inspiration/ Movie review

Kelis Davis, Contributor

The original rate for this 2020 film was 7.1/10, directed by a man named Thor Freudenthal . The actors of the movie were Charlie Plummer, Andy Garcia, Taylor Russle, Anna Sophie Robb.  

 The Movie is about a boy who has schizophrenia but he conquered it and any mental illness can conquer .

Thor Freudenthal (Movie Director) said an outstanding yet emotional response to the movie “The next time we encounter someone with a mental illness, [I hope] we encounter them as humans first… Seeing everyone as equal and seeing people as sort of suffering from an illness other than being the illness, that means we wanted to leave audience members with.” This was a magnificent quote. For it means that despite any mental illness we can do anything our stars are infinite they are a blast of light. We overcome our fear so why not now?   

My mom told me when I was first diagnosed that my illness doesn’t define me and here I am achieving the goals. I wanted to go into high school and graduate and I’m almost there. Like Charlie Plummer, an actor for Andy Petrazellia,  and Me, a newspaper writer we have our similarities. We both have schizophrenia. Am I scared of it? No, because I have learned to accept it. We were both afraid that we would not be loved and that our illness will spread amongst people who are closest to us and at the very end Charlie Plummer saidYou *have* to let people discover all your dark and twisty places inside. Because those are the people that can show you what’s real, when you can’t see that for yourself. It can be the beginning of everything… if you let it, I became a bystander in my own life, I’m not the illness itself. It’s hard not to feel like that when everyone treats you like one.” I feel on point with this quote and it’s absolutely sad but true that some people say that people with schizophrenia can’t love and they’re crazy and can’t keep their thoughts together . 

But we are, Who we are.

So why not be brave, why not now.   

All in all this movie is outstanding.  

I give it a rate of 10/10 because it really goes in depth what a mental illness really is.