What is a Roller Coaster Manufacturer?

What is a Roller Coaster Manufacturer?

Kevin Lewis, Contributor

What is a roller coaster manufacturer? A roller coaster manufacturer is a company that produces and/or builds roller coasters for theme parks across the world. Here I will outline some of them.



Intimen is a roller coaster manufacturer that builds a lot of record coasters. They always went for the best, fastest and tallest roller coasters in the 2010s, but recently they have been less active. The tallest, fastest, and longest roller coasters in the world were built by Intimen.



Vakoma invented the boomerang, the coaster that was loved in the 2010s and hated the rest of the time. They build really rough roller coasters, but they built some decent flying coasters.



B&M builds really smooth roller coasters that have been tried and tested and have built many hyper coasters with the best restraints ever called “B&M Clamshell” restraints. I like their hyper coasters and overall all B&M coasters are smooth (Except for their stand-ups) They also announced a new Surf Coaster model.



RMC or Rocky Mountain Construction is widely regarded as the best coaster manufacturer because they build world-class hybrid coasters like steel vengeance and iron gwazi. They also have a raptor model, and they are teasing a new giga T-Rex.



Great Coasters Incorporated builds wooden coasters and also a new RMC rip off called “Titan Track” (Go Titans) At first they built really rough roller coasters *cough* Roar *cough* Wildcat *cough* We would be happy if those coasters got RMCed. GCI has built better coasters since then. 


When I say “Vakoma” or “Intimen” you can now know what I mean.