RMC Giga Coming!


Kevin Lewis, Contrubiter

RMC has been delivering thrills to coaster enthusiasts since their first I-Box conversion: New Texas Giant and are still continuing to find new ways to thrill enthusiasts and the general public alike. They have been teasing a new coaster concept titled the T-Rex and rumors are that it can go anywhere from 300 feet tall to 500 feet tall and can have elements never seen before. We have already seen a downscaled version of the T-Rex track with Raptor coasters like Jersey Devil, but how do we know we will be getting a T-Rex? RMC recently had a ask me anything on reddit and one of their posts had a cryptic message with capital letters that spelled “RMC Giga Coming” and later on, they posted a Tik-Tok stating “I can’t contain the T-Rex any longer” and along with multiple posts stating that they can’t wait to announce what is coming next. Another piece of information is that they said they could build a Giga Hybrid, and with Wildcat closing at Hershey Park and mysterious RMC trucks appearing outside, all we can do is hope they aren’t trolling us because they have done that before with the T-Rex, mentioning it and then disappearing.