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Day in the Life of Coach Persinger

 In our school we have over 200 staff members who have many different jobs. There are math teachers, English teachers, and sports coaches, along with lunch staff and  custodians. Students don’t realize how difficult it is to be a teacher or staff member at a high school – having to deal with moody teenagers for 6 hours, 5 days a week. As I was curious to know what staff members go through, I decided to follow a staff member around for a day to see what their typical day is like. This week I interviewed our returning PE/health teacher and THS Head Softball Coach, Michelea Persinger, to see what her days are like! 

Coach Persinger

     To start off, Coach Persinger gets to school around 6:40 am every morning to open up the locker rooms and get materials that might be needed for the day ready. Throughout the rest of her day she catches up on grading and planning her classes for the week. Persinger stays at the school until 6pm to coach a sport. She said that, “Currently we are in softball season so most nights I do not leave here until 6 or after especially on game days!”

To prepare for the softball season, she hosted workouts that just finished after school. As the head softball coach, Persinger has “… been working on the field a lot getting it ready for the season, making things look nicer out there in the cage & dugout area! Aside from that getting all the uniforms out, communicating with parents, fundraising, practicing everyday and all other fun paperwork!”


     Persinger enjoys spending time with her students and teaching PE/Health. Additionally, “I enjoy  checking in on how they are doing, how their day is going and how their sports are going or whatever extracurricular activities they are in!” Even though she loves all her students, a certain group of students have her whole heart.

“My all time favorite class is Unified PE.”

This is the Learning for Life PE class. If you don’t know what learning for life is, it is a program that every high school has for students with disabilities. Persinger enjoys this class because, “During this class I love that they interact with general education students and it is such a positive experience & learning environment for all.” Persinger is also one of the Best Buddies Advisor’s. Furthermore, she is involved with coach unified sports.


     With all of the love Coach Persinger has for her students, at times we all can become very irritating. She is constantly being asked “Coach P. What are we doing today?” This question is most likely a question that so many students ask teachers. Coach Persinger often jokes with students: “I would be so rich I would be if I got a dollar every time a student asked me this in the PE area.” Persinger has high expectations for her students, as do all; but something Coach Persinger wishes the most for her students is to engage in PE. “The most challenging thing about being a PE/Health teacher is getting students to engage who do not enjoy physical activity or sports.” It is good for everyone’s health to participate in gym but even more actually try. 


   Also one of the hardest things Persinger deals with during softball season is not being with family as much. “We don’t really get a break or to travel to see family and I think that is the hardest part.” Due to spring sports having a shorter season, athletes have three or more games a week along with practices, so Coach Persinger is always at the school more than usual. Even though you don’t get to see your legit family as often as we all would want, Persinger has created a community at Tuscarora with students, special education students and staff members. She has built special bonds with student athletes over their mutual love for sports. 


     Why does someone become the profession they are now? Through past experiences, likes or dislikes, people eventually pick their career path. I asked Coach Persinger what her career would be if she wasn’t a PE/Health teacher. Coach Persinger told me that she would most likely end up working in a rehabilitation PT office for people with special needs. Coach Persinger grew up being very competitive and athletic and she knew she wouldn’t want to have a stereotypical 9-5 office job sitting down all day. Additionally, right now besides being a coach and a PE/Health teacher, Coach Persinger is also a student! She is currently getting her Masters Degree in Adapted Physical Education. Coach Persinger is getting her masters because “My grandfather only had 1 leg and my great-great-great-grandmother did not have any legs. My grandfather was a big part of my life and we always modified games so that he could play and this started my love for helping those with disabilities.” 


     Coach Persinger puts a lot of effort into making sports fun for students and making sure Tuscarora High School is inclusive of everyone no matter what. Even if she doesn’t think we see all the effort and faith she has put into our school and into students, we all see it and thank her. Surely now after reading this, students and staff can get to know Coach Persinger and the work she does. 


Stay tuned for Day in a Life of …


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