Decayed Body of a Woman Found In Criminal’s Bedroom


Sara Geitner, Contributor

A Montgomery County man has been arrested on two first degree-murder charges. A gas station clerk, a pregnant woman, and her unborn child. Torrey Damien Moore, 31, shot both victims multiple times after “some kind of fight” between him and the victims.

On Dec. 8th at 3 P.M., in broad daylight, Moore met with a gas station clerk, Ayalew Wondimu, 61. The argument escalated to a physical altercation where Moore began throwing merchandise at Wondimu, who tried to defend himself with a metal pole. Moore then proceeded to grab a handgun that was hidden under his vest and shot Wondimu several times at an extremely close range. Moore was seen on surveillance cameras to continue shooting even after he was unconscious. 

Last Friday, after this incident, Montgomery County police sought to obtain a search warrant to further investigate the case. Upon entering Moore’s house, they were exposed to an intense, foul smell. Investigators continued further into the home and found the body of a woman far along in the decaying process.

The woman, later identified as 26 year old Middleton, was 38 weeks pregnant, autopsy results show. Much like Wondimu, Middleton was shot by Moore several times after an argument. The woman is speculated to have been killed in October, and left to decompose for weeks.

Moore is currently being held without bond and is facing several charges. Including those of first-degree murder, violence against a pregnant person, possession of a firearm, and possibly more as investigations are completed.