Active shooter kills teacher and student in St. Louis

Active shooter kills teacher and student in St. Louis

Isabella Saez, Assistant Editor

On Monday, a loaded gunman, Orlando Harris, forced entry into Central Visual and Performing Arts high school in St. Louis, Missouri. Following the injury of two and killing of teacher and student, police opened fire on Harris. 

Known to Harris’ family, Harris was struggling mentally and had received therapy, medication, and love and support from family to advocate for better mental health. Though things didn’t seem to be getting better, his mother had faith until they found an AR-15 style rifle. 

Officials say Harris was revoked from a rifle found in his parents home a week before the planned shooting. “How he acquired it after that … we don’t know,” Sack said. Implicating that he had used a similar weapon on the day of the shooting, if not the same one. 

Families of students and victims are still mourning the tragedy that was dealt on what seemed like a normal Monday. Alexandra Bill, 15, and Jean Kuczka, 61, were two of four victims in this horrific attack which suffered fatal damages. The community has created a memorial for Alexandra Bill, while the students will always remember Mrs. Kuczka as the teacher who covered them with her body in order to stay covered and protected.