Walkersville High Student Facing Charges after Making Bomb Threat on Walkersville High School

Soleil Rivera

Walkersville high school student is facing charges after threatening to blow up the school along with a teacher’s home on social media. The police were notified about the threats at 6 p.m. on August 28th, 2022, according to the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office. As they began to investigate and conduct multiple interviews, someone led them to a female suspect that goes to the school. They quickly found out that the threats were not credible. The police are not releasing any identifying information about the young woman since she’s a minor. So far there is no motive. The investigation is still ongoing and the charges are currently pending due via juvenile referral, said the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office. Also, with the charges, the school confirmed that they might take disciplinary action as well against the student. The police then confirmed that the Walkersville High School community had already been notified of the incident after school administrators sent out an email, along with a video that details the social media threat. Again, since this is still an ongoing investigation, if anyone has any more information about the incident, you can contact the Frederick County’s Sheriff’s Office at 301-600-1046.