Frederick Man Shoots Fireworks At Civilians

Gregory Vine

On Saturday at 1:15 a.m. Frederick County Deputy Sheriffs responded to multiple calls on the 15,600 and 15,800 blocks of Old Frederick Road claiming there was a hit and run or a possible armed robbery in progress. But, instead they found Aaron Dove shooting roman candles at houses and a small crowd that had gathered. One of the members of the crowd tried to disarm Dove, but instead Dove hit him in the chest with a firework and ran over his foot while he was fleeing. Deputies also reported that Dove had hit a parked car and received noticeable damage. When police arrived Dove ignored all instructions and tried to run. The police attempted to stop his car multiple times but were only successful when The Maryland State Police deployed stop sticks and disabled the car. Dove continued to resist arrest and had to be tased twice, pepper sprayed twice, and hit with a sponge round to finally submit. Authorities say Dove was wearing a tactical vest and helmet at the time of his arrest and was found with several illegal fireworks, a high-powered pellet gun, two other look-alike guns, multiple airsoft guns, and numerous knives. Dove is now in police custody and is facing a wide range of charges from eight counts of 2nd degree assault to a few traffic citations.