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How Does AI Impact the Education of Students in High School?

The use of artificial intelligence in high schools is a widely debated topic. At Tuscarora High School, the use of AI to do assignments is prohibited, but how exactly does AI affect the education of high schoolers? AI is constantly improving, and with these improvements more and more people are using it – even students.

There is a certain fear surrounding AI that educators hold. Many are afraid that AI will eventually replace them as it advances, while others are afraid students are being  academically dishonest and are using AI as a way to cheat. 

While AI can have a negative impact and give students the ability to easily cheat, that doesn’t mean most students do. In fact, out of the six students (at least one  from each grade level) who were interviewed, only one actually stated that she uses AI to cheat. 

In fact, AI can even have a positive impact on student learning. If used properly, AI has the potential to improve and create learning opportunities for students by enhancing and bettering personalized learning, tutoring, language learning and accessibility and inclusion. Schools that have incorporated the use of AI have data showing that AI has improved the grades of students by 30% while reducing their anxiety by 20%. This is only because students now have a tool that can be personalized in numerous ways in order to help them most efficiently learn and understand difficult concepts. 

Some students, while not relying on AI, have stated how they think AI can be used as a helpful tool. Fafa Nkpe, a student in 11th grade stated, “Since AI is almost like a person now, it’s easier to get explanations if you don’t know the correct term for something.” A few other students stated similar responses agreeing that AI can be used as a tool. Some have stated AI can help answer certain questions, help with spelling and help make things easier to read and understand.  

Students are not the only ones who see the benefits, while many teachers are against AI there are several that also see AI as having potential to benefit students if used correctly. Ms. Hamilton, an English teacher at Tuscarora High School, has observed the positive impacts AI has had on some of her students, as she stated in an interview, “I don’t think it has affected the education of my students. I do think that it opens up a lot of creative writing occupations for students in their hobbies and personal life.”

Mehau Kulyk

The use of AI in schools will always have an impact on the education of students, however, only the way in which it is used will determine whether it will positively or negatively impacting the student’s learning. 

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