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School Stress
Addison Selby, Creative Writing Submission • June 7, 2024

I can’t even begin to describe how largely school has impacted my life. The place where my dreams are put to the test I’m forced to carry the heavy burden of stress Countless...

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The Pledge
June 7, 2024
When I Was a Kid
June 7, 2024

Last Minute Gift Guide

Last Minute Gift Guide

With Christmas rapidly approaching, feelings of excitement and eagerness are floating about in the air. For most, however, these anticipatory emotions are accompanied by the stress of un-bought, and unthought of gifts. Worry no longer! I have compiled a list of easy, fun and simple gifts for loved ones. 


Heated Blanket $23.68


Silk Pillowcase

Comfy bed items can be the perfect gift for anyone! A heated blanket is especially fitting as the weather cools and keeping warm inside becomes the new normal. Along with that, I personally have a silk pillowcase and honestly can’t imagine sleeping any other way. Not only is it extremely comfortable, silk pillowcases also extend protection to your hair and skin.


Fish Slippers $21.98
Baguette Slippers $16.99 
Crossband Slippers $19.99

In my opinion, slippers are the ultimate must-have item. Additionally to keeping your feet toasty all year long, there is no end to the variety of slipper-styles. As shown above, fun and silly slippers are just as beneficial as the traditional slip-ons.


Penguin Classics
The Book of Useless Information $13.48

Books are both the easiest as well as the most thoughtful last-minute gift. Giving loved ones a hand-picked book (bonus points if you take into account their personality and preferences) can remind them of just how much you care for them this holiday season.  Also the best part is books are gifts that last forever! The knowledge that is gained from books is enough to last a lifetime! 

Self Care Products

“Holiday Traditions” Mini Gift Set $18.95
Benefiance Smoother Skin Ritual Set $65.00

Self care products are without a doubt one of the easiest gifts you can give. Especially with mini sets and bundles; they’re the gift that keeps on giving! Also, as written on self care shop The Dead Sea Glow, “[Self care products] can help reduce stress, anxiety, and promote a sense of tranquillity.” Additionally, at lots of fragrance stores specific scents may have holiday bundles; so if you know of a loved ones favorite scent you can easily get them more! For example, my personal favorite scent is Warm Vanilla Sugar from Bath and Body Works. Therefore during the season, gift sets of my preferred scent are available, with products including a mini perfume, lotion and bubble bath.

Gift giving is arguably the most stressful part of this wonderful season, but don’t let it hinder your excitement! Whether you bought gifts months ago or are just now wrapping up, the important part is that you appreciate those around you. After all, the reason for the season is to spread love, not gifts. 

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