“The Running Track”

Allyson Felix the person to overcome the woman hardship and just run the Track with passion .


Kelis Davis, Journalism

 It was amazing reading about this woman named Allyson Felix who had run a 4 x 400 meter race and she had won an Ore , Gold ,and Bronze in the Olympics She ended up with a total of 20 medals! 

Felix traveled through London ,Tokyo, and Rio. She’s the only female track star to win a 200m gold medal in 2012. According to “Allyson Felix Biography,Olympic “,There aren’t many sprinters that get to break Usain Bolt’s world records, but United States athlete Felix is one of them. Back in 2019 she pocketed her 12th gold medal at the World Athletics Championships – one more than the great Jamaican managed in his storied career”.

  Question: What motivated Allyson Fleix when she was young to be a track star ?   

          Jothan Patton was a coach of Allyson Fleix who showed her what her talents were through running. Her running showed talent and passion in the work she made to become a champion and she just had to give credit to him . 

   When she got older Allyson had a daughter and this made her achieve greater than anything before. She stated, There have been so many women before me who had to stay silent about their fight… For me to be able to step out… I think my daughter gave me the courage to do that.”    

  Not only was Allyson a good Trackstar but a great sportsmanship, a word which here means (To applaud even when you fall or win to others and yourself )She responded with a one-word post on Twitter that simply read: “humbled”.


This woman is remarkable and reminds me of the story  of Willma Rudulph, a famous historian Black American Runner in the 1956 Olympic games who broke at least three  records with three gold medals in the 4×100 relay.  Wilma’s  mother was her inspiration to help achieve the biggest of all not only that she had struggled with her foot  twisted inward  but that didn’t stop Wilma’s mom and her to stop doing what they wanted . 

“Let your actions be louder than your words and your dreams bigger than your fears “. (Invajy)