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Elijah Palmer: Shoots for Success on the Court and Beyond

A reflection on the lessons from a life of basketball
Elijah Palmer

It’s officially winter and the winter sports have begun! Tuscarora has many strong sports programs in the winter season but by popular opinion one of the most highly attended and entertaining sports at Tuscarora is basketball. Screaming in the crowd, cheering along, hyping up the players, there’s nothing like attending your own school’s basketball game. There is a community sense to it that you can only get at high school games. Watching the friends you’ve grown up with and have built genuine connections with play on the court just adds to all the intensity. One of the many names that you will hear constantly cheered for if you attend a Tuscarora high school basketball game  is Elijah Palmer, commonly cheered for as  “EP3!!!!”


Multi sport athlete and junior at Tuscarora High School, Elijah Palmer is one of the many athletes that make the team so easy to root for. He’s great on and off the court.


Since the age of five basketball has been all Elijah’s known. He fell in love with the sport through watching it and playing with his dad. Over his years of playing basketball he has had many fun seasons and is ready for another one. “I’m looking forward to the playoffs this season, I feel really strong and positive about our chances and the team’s talent to make a good  run,”  says Elijah.  This season, though it has only just begun, has already gifted Palmer with his favorite memory from playing basketball for Tuscarora. “Surprisingly my favorite memory so far was our home opener this year against Middletown. Even though we lost, it showed me the support and how we are changing the culture here at Tuscarora” says Palmer.


Through playing basketball Palmer has learned more than dribbling and scoring, but also many life lessons that transcend off the court. ”I learned that in basketball you have to be smart, take accountability, and be a leader. That showed me off the court the responsibility you have to have in life with everything.” It is evident that these lessons have played into the person that Palmer is.  His previous head coach,  Chase Thibeault, in addition to describing Palmer  as an incredibly energetic and vocal leader as an athlete, described him as a very outgoing, funny person, with leadership qualities outside of basketball in environments like the classroom and hallway.


Those who have known Elijah Palmer since elementary days claimed that even back then he always had a basketball glued to his hip. He was always a great athlete, but more importantly, has always been a great person. He has a strong, positive outlook on and off the court that allows  Palmer to triumph over challenges.  “Something I had to overcome was my size. I was never the biggest and strongest on the court. I always had to fight and show everyone that I could still play,” say Palmer. His advice to younger athletes is to not take their  years for granted. “Life moves fast, so every chance you get to be great you have to be great. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do something.” He expresses that balancing life as a student athlete can be challenging as well, but he takes advantage of his time management skills to persevere through that. Palmer credits his motivation to persevere through challenges to his family. “I know that they are always supporting me and I can’t let them down.”


Palmer is quick to give thanks to his coaches, teammates and  family, as well as the sport itself for what it has done for him. “I’m most thankful for having the talent and opportunity to even play. You know some people love to play but don’t have the genetics, talent or ability, so I’m just thankful I’m able to,” says Palmer. His future goal with basketball is to play college basketball, and claims that anywhere would be a blessing. It is clear to those who know him that Palmer has a bright future ahead of him both on and off the court.

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