Bocce Team


Madison Roberts, Contributor

         One of Tuscarora’s many extra curricular activities includes Unified Bocce. Their season just started at the beginning of this month. The team either practices or has a match every Wednesday.

        Tuscarora has one of the best Unified Bocce teams in Frederick County; last year, the team made it to the regional championships and qualified for state championships, but unfortunately the championship was canceled. 

The team started practicing the first Wednesday of December with over forty students on the team. 

Tuscarora’s first match was on Dec.7 at 3:30 p.m. Tuscarora’s team played Urbana High School’s bocce team. Tuscarora started the season off with a win. 

On Dec.15. Tuscarora played  Middletown High School. The game was very close but unfortunately Tuscarora lost, but left in good spirits. 

Overall the bocce team does not get the recognition it deserves, so come out on Wednesdays to come watch the team!