Fetch the Bolt Cutters Album Review

Fetch the Bolt Cutters Album Review

Courtney Turner

Fiona Apple’s fifth studio album Fetch the Bolt Cutters released April 17, 2020, showing an extraordinary display of talent as well as completely authentic and raw emotions. Fiona Apple’s methods for conveying emotions is something that in no way can be replaced or copied, giving her music a feel that is beyond unique. She is someone who is never afraid to talk about topics most people are afraid of, and that continues in this 13 track album.

Since the release of her debut album Tidal in 1996, Apple has time and time again proven herself to be a force to be reckoned with. Being nominated for nine Grammy Awards and winning three, two of which coming from Fetch the Bold Cutters, it is not hard to recognize Apple’s determination and talent, though only being introduced into the music industry at 18 years old.

Even if the song is just a repetition of the same few lines, Apple finds a way to make the meaning clearer and clearer each time she says them. For some however, the constant repetition with songs like “Under the Table” and “On I Go” could be seen as boring. Even still, each of the songs on Fetch the Bolt Cutters has the ability to resonate to anyone who listens, but especially women. For example, the song, “For Her” represents Fiona’s growing frustration and anger with issues surrounding sexual assault, that both women and men are constantly struggling with.

Without having the songs be a fade out of one another, Apple makes the album flow beautifully. Whether it’s fast or slow paced, listeners stay interested in the album and what Fiona has to say. Track two, “Shameika” and track five, “Relay” are examples of the amount of variety that is included in this album.

Aside from lyrics alone, Fetch the Bolt Cutters is an album where listeners can feel how much work and care was put into each of the songs. Fiona’s authentic nature is truly refreshing in a time where it is normalized for artists not to write their own songs. Even something as simple as leaving a mistake in the last track, “On I Go”, can show beyond doubt that Apple is one of the most genuine artists of our generation.

Whether you’re familiar with her music or not, it is incredibly easy to appreciate her lyricism. So, no matter what your music taste is, Fetch the Bolt Cutters has something for everyone and is a must listen.