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The student news site of Tuscarora High School

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The student news site of Tuscarora High School

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A Look Into The National Honors Society


The National Honor Society is a prestigious student-led organization in the United States that recognizes outstanding high school students. These students not only excel academically but also in leadership, service, and character. Being a member of NHS is a huge honor and a testament to a student’s hard work and dedication. It’s also a productive way to get involved in community service and leadership activities. 

   The vice president of Tuscarora High School’s chapter of NHS, Colleen Catania, has said that her most memorable moment from the club is when they made greeting cards for nursing homes. She stated, “They said not many people visit or bring things to them so they appreciated the cards a lot. Not only did I enjoy making crafts, but this project brought joy to the elderly which is the most important thing.” She felt that the biggest leadership opportunity offered to her was running for vice president this past year. In her words, “Being vice president means you have great responsibility and it has taught me the importance of time management.” Her advice to students looking to join the NHS in the future is just to keep working hard and get good grades. 

   Although the NHS is mostly a student-led club, they still have staff member advisors to make sure things run smoothly and to keep track of everything even more closely. Sr. Escobar, one of the two advisors has enjoyed his role so far and thinks it’s a good opportunity for him. He felt that the club provides a great chance for him to connect better with students. He stated, “It allows me to enhance my leadership, mentoring and organizational skills. Additionally, it has provided networking opportunities within the education community.” In his opinion, the most memorable event that has happened so far was the recent induction ceremony that took place in December. The increased number of members that joined this year compared to last year was drastic. Inductees went up by 50%. Escobar hopes that this pattern continues for the upcoming years. 

   Delaney Stup, a member of the NHS that was just indicted, shared her thoughts on the organization and the process of joining as a whole. “The induction process has been super smooth so far. The advisors and everyone who is part of structuring it has done an amazing job in making it as organized and simple as possible. The meetings we have are super informative and the leaders of the NHS are always readily available to answer any questions.” When asked why she wanted to join the National Honor Society in the first place, she stated, “I wanted to be part of the NHS because I wanted to join an organization that reflected leadership and character in its members. NHS gives its members different opportunities to help out around the community. It will expose me to other individuals who have the same goals as me, as well as aid in my steps to setting up a successful future.” She’s very excited that she was chosen amongst a lot of her peers to be part of this tight knit community. 

   As you know, the National Honor Society is a lovely organization to be part of and looks great on college applications and even future resumes. It’s a great way to get active in the community and take some responsibility, as well as getting to know your peers. It definitely has an even brighter future ahead of it.

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