Honoring and Remembering Mike Leach


Braxon Imber, Contributor

Mississippi State football coach Mike Leach unfortunately died on Monday December 12th, 2022. His family put out a statement regarding his death explaining that before his death, Leach agreed to an organ donation to the University of Mississippi Medical Center as a “final charity.” The Medical Center then described his death as originally a “personal health issue,” this “personal health issue” had him be airlifted out of his home 125 miles to UMMC. Leach had been head coach of the bulldogs for 3 years now, the teams current record is 8-4, and an overall record of 19-17. He was loved throughout the league, not just Mississippi State as he also coached teams like Washington State and Texas Tech. In addition to his many years of experience he also won coach of the year during his years at Washington State, this was the 2018 AFCA national coach of the year award. He was known for having a pretty bad case of pneumonia throughout the football season but never this critical. In honor of Leach’s death the entire football team will continue to play in their upcoming bowl game against Illinois. With the death of Leach, the new and current head coach is the team’s defensive coordinator Zach Arnett, he and the team “are 100% behind playing this bowl game and doing what Coach Leach would expect them to do,” as said in a interview by the teams athletic director Bracky Brett.