The Capitals Game

The Capitals Game

Madison Roberts, Contributor

On Wednesday, December 7th the capitals and flyers went head to head. It was a home advantage for the Philadelphia Flyers. The Washington Capitals haven’t had a home game in two weeks. The Capitals have played six away games in the past twelve days. This game was a great way to go home. 

With five minutes and fifty one seconds left in the first period, K.Hayes scores the first goal of the game giving the flyers the upper hand making the score 1-0.  The flyers were making a lot of shots to the goal in the first period. 

In the second period D. Strome helps teammate T. Oshe by assisting him with the second goal of the game, with sixteen minutes and forty nine seconds left of the period. This ties the score 1-1. This period the Capitals had a lot more shots to goal. 

In the third period J. Carlson and E.Gustafsson assist D. Strome with the third goal of the game. Giving the Capitals the lead 2-1. The goal was made with nine minutes and nineteen seconds in. 

 After this the Flyers start to feel the pressure and make the decision to take their goalie out to sub in an extra defensive player. There are three minutes left in the game and the Capitals are up by one when A. Ovechkin makes an empty net goal assisted by A.Mantha and J.Carlson with two minutes and thirty five seconds left. That goal is Ovechkin’s fiftieth empty net goal in his NHL history. This makes the score 3-1 with a little over two minutes left in the game. 

In the last nine seconds Ovechkin gets a backhanded empty net goal which leaves the score 4-1. Washington Capitals win the game and get to go home on a good note. Their first home game is Friday 9th against the Seattle Krakens.