Student vs. staff games: How cool are they?

Student vs. staff games have been a part of the Tuscarora community for over five years. They have supported events like March Madness and the commencement of the fall, winter and spring sports seasons. This is when Tuscarora high school comes together to celebrate and reward the achievements of students and our school’s stellar student athletes.


Tuscarora high school hosts student vs. staff games twice a year at the seasonal pep rallies as a fun activity. Because the school doesn’t have any other designated times to plan these events, they do not do them often. 


Many students adore the student vs. staff games, especially our athletes and sports-minded students.


“I think they’re fun, but there needs to be more of them and of a wider variety of sports,” said Nate Neubauer, a senior and multi-season athlete. 


Other students, however, are not so enthused–like those who have academic preferences. 


“I don’t really care about it but at the same time I think it’s nice to do something fun for the students and staff. Additionally, as a CTC student, the scheduling of the game prevents me from seeing it,” voiced Ethan Putnam, a junior.


Since the games usually occur during pep rallies, many students choose to sit out. Additionally, only so many students can participate in the games, with the rest obligated to cheer on the players or sit out in the media center.


What are unordinary student vs. staff games that Tuscarora faculty and students hope to come about? Typical student vs. staff games consist of basketball, tug of war, and/or volleyball. There are plenty of activities, sports, and team-building exercises that both faculty and students would like to see. 


Gabby Snyder, a junior, elaborated, “I could coach the teachers if we played a field hockey game!” 


While Julian Greenlee remarks that he would participate in a football game. 


An English specialist at Tuscarora high school recalls, “I would like to play a game of dodgeball. I think that it would be a good team building experience and one to tire out energy. On a recent excursion, I participated in a game of dodgeball and still enjoy thinking back to those memories.” Along with Mrs. Nichols, who would play a good game of kickball or bocce in replace of more physically-demanding games.


Freshmen are notably not fans of any school related activities. Some, however, despite having no student vs. staff game experience, are excited for the prospect.


When asked whether they would participate in a student vs. staff game, freshman Dalin Folston replied, “No, I would do it if people I know were to join with me.”


Juniors say they want to see Mr. Moore and the front office staff participate in more student vs. staff games. Additionally, seniors say that they’d like to see more obstacle courses, for example, American Ninja Warrior.


Concluding, student vs. staff games are missed when they are not in session. Students and staff at Tuscarora have many ideas on how to improve them and their ideas of fun.