Lights, Camera, Action! Suffolk University

Suffolk University sits at the heart of Boston in Massachusetts. It is the eight-largest university in metropolitan Boston. The campus itself is the city and can be very lively and busy. On a regular day like Tuesday me and my mother went to visit, the atmosphere was on the go. Everyone headed somewhere and were productive in more ways than one. The tour guide explained to us that the school itself was founded in 1906, meaning it’s been about 116 years since it’s welcomed its very first graduating class. Suffolk University has a beautiful campus with even better residence and dining halls. The view from Nathan R. Miller hall was truly unbeatable and gave a nice overview of the city of Boston. Not just the physical aspect of Suffolk could be appealing to an applicant, but also its undergraduate programs. From a drone operations certification to innovation strategy, there is a wide variety of majors, minors and certificates you can choose to pursue at Suffolk. The faculty is very passionate about their jobs, from teachers to admission officers, they all put in an effort to make this school so amazing. 

My favorite part of Suffolk’s student life are the events planned, for students by students so you’re guaranteed to have fun. If you’re interested in Mystics and Witches, they have an event just for that where there’ll be tarot readings and other common astrology practices. To another option like festival of lights or meaning and music where music is shared, discussed and reflected on. There are about more than 100 clubs and organizations at Suffolk, that’s a lot to choose from!  The intercollegiate athletic program at Suffolk University holds a proud tradition amongst all New England schools. Suffolk is a member of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA Division III), and competes in the Great Northeast Athletic Conference (GNAC) in 19 sports. From women’s tennis in the fall to men’s ice hockey in the winter, you are guaranteed to have many options if you’re a thriving athlete. Suffolk has something for everyone and anyone who is willing to adapt to the school and its environment. A great place to add to your list if you’re willing to give it a try!