The Mount St. Mary’s Experience

The Mount St. Marys Experience

Noah Willis, Contributor

When I went on a college visit to Mount St. Mary’s, I was immediately blown away by the size of the school. Although considered a smaller school in student size, the campus itself was massive. Even though the school only houses a little over 2,000 undergraduate and graduate students there’s definitely room for more. The moment I walked on campus for a tour I was intrigued due to them having 6 churches or places of prayer. I may not be the most religious person on the planet but I gotta admit that was a sight to see. Genuinely everything about the school impressed whether it was from the majors they offer or the study abroad locations like Jamaica,Ireland and more being added soon.From my own experience I 100% recommend Mount St. Mary’s and strongly suggest applying there if you haven’t already.


The Mount itself was established in 1808 and is a private, nonprofit university that is located in Emmitsburg, Maryland.  They currently offer 49 majors and 35 minors but one stat that stands out from others is the unbelievably high number of students that either have a job or are in grad school a year after graduating. For example, 100% of the 2019 class were employed or were in grad school a year after graduating, something not a lot of schools can say. While the school may be one of Catholic beliefs, that doesn’t mean that all the students are too, 61% of the Mount’s students are of Catholic beliefs meaning that all beliefs are welcome. Like mentioned before, the Mount has a wide variety of locations to study abroad but like how you can choose the locations you can also choose how long you wanna study for. The options vary from semester long, a week and even during summer with recommended locations for each length you choose. Mount St. Mary’s is a place of variety and due to all the things you can do on or away from campus there will never be a dull moment if you choose to go there.