Powderpuff Football, Tuscarora’s Best Sport

Image acquired from dailymail.co.uk

Image acquired from dailymail.co.uk

Gregory Vine, Contributor

On Wednesday night, Tuscarora hosted its best homecoming tradition: The Powderpuff Football game. The Powderpuff game is a spirited competition where the Senior and Junior girls face off against each other on the football field, while the boys cheer on the sidelines. The game was around an hour long with two 20 minute halves with a running clock. Going into the game people thought that it would be a close game that would end with the Seniors winning, but that was far from the case. 

Seniors started with the ball at the 40. The Seniors gained a few yards, but their drive ended with a bad throw turning into an interception. From that interception in Senior’s territory, the Juniors were able to capitalize and score the first touchdown of the game making it 7-0 Juniors. Following that, the Seniors retaliated with a long run to put them in Junior’s territory.  Ending their drive with a touchdown, (even though the Senior’s flag was jammed and could not be pulled), the officials counted the touchdown, making it 7-7.

Soon however the Juniors would score another touchdown, making the score 14-7 by halftime. After the cheerleaders’ brilliant performance, the Juniors would score not once but twice to completely shut out the Seniors, ending in a Juniors victory with a score of 28-7.