MLB Postseason’s Wild Start

Nathan Neubauer, Contributor

From near impossible comebacks to sad farewells for baseball icons, the Major League Baseball playoffs have already brought lots of excitement to fans all around North America.

ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI- This season would mark the end of an era for the St. Louis Cardinals. This would be the year franchise icons Albert Pujols and Yadier Molina would ride off into the sunset and retire. The team rallied around their aging veterans as the Cardinals won a surprising 93 games this season. They faced the upstart Philadelphia Phillies in the wild card round of the postseason. The Cardinals had a two run lead in the final inning of game one of the series. They proceeded to allow six runs to the Phillies in the inning and lost game one 6-2. Game two of the series became a win or go home game for the Cardinals. Unfortunately for the Cardinals, they could never get their offense going, as the Phillies shut out the Cardinals 2-0, ending their season. For Pujols and Molina, this was not the ending they wanted for their careers, however they know they will always be remembered as icons in the City of Blues. As for the Phillies and their fans, they are excited to host a playoff game for the first time in 11 years. Riley Donovan, a former student at Tuscarora, said, “This Phillies team is special. The Cardinals were not ready for them. The Phillies are winning the world series.”

TORONTO, CANADA- Like the Phillies, the Seattle Mariners were an upstart team that broke a 21 year playoff drought this year. The Mariners won game one versus the Toronto Blue Jays with relative ease. Game two however, was not easy for Seattle. The Blue Jays scored 9 runs in the first 6 innings against the Mariners. The score was 9-1, a score that in the history of the MLB postseason was impossible to come back from. However, in the top of the 7th inning, the Mariners scored five runs to cut the lead to three. Then in the 9th inning, the Mariners completed the comeback and scored 4 runs to take the lead 10-9. The game ended and the Mariners won. This was the largest comeback in major league baseball postseason history. This series win also broke a 21-year drought without a playoff series win for the Mariners.

The Major League Postseason has brought lots of excitement thus far. The playoffs will continue throughout the month of October. The Phillies and Mariners are upstart teams that are easy to root for. Tune into playoff baseball for a rejuvenated sport that is on the rise.