Powder Puff game

Powder Puff game

Madison Roberts, Contributor

October 12th marks the annual powder puff game, a big event our school does during homecoming week. Established in 1972, the powderpuff game has evolved into two groups of girls going heads to win flag football. Cheering on the girls are the male cheerleaders on the track! 

The teams are junior girls versus senior girls! While juniors only practice once or twice a week, seniors have been going in for FLEX every day to get the most playing time and thought out game plan.

The boys have also been practicing their cheers and stunts in the aux gym. John Enoch (11) admits, ”We practice everyday during flex, which may not be a lot of time but we give it our all.” 

Due to conflict with the girls soccer team, the athletic directors had to postpone their game to a different day. Now, all the girls can participate and not worry about missing their other extra curricular. 

As for coaches, Mrs. Valentine is the head coach for seniors, while the junior head coach is Mr. Babb. When asked how well prepared their students were they both had very similar answers. They both believe that they have strong teams and they both believe their teams can win the game. 

Both teams have been preparing for the game. The powder puff game is a great way to get students hyped up for homecoming. So come out and support the teams… let the best man win!