Olivia Wilde’s Don’t Worry Darling Sparks Controversy, Impacting the Movie’s Reviews


Grace Marshall, Contributor

“Don’t Worry Darling” has been long awaited by fans of the major actors involved, including its stars, coveted Florence Pugh, and beloved singer Harry Styles. The thriller portrays the two, married, in a picture-perfect community that clearly has a cult-like feel to it, and follows Pugh’s character, Alice, in discovering what exactly she is trapped in.

However, the film’s recent press has not been good press, contrasting the old saying. Styles’ role was initially meant to be played by Shia Labeouf, but director, Olivia Wilde, told Variety that she fired the actor amid his sexual-assault allegations. Labeouf was upset by this because he claims he quit the set- that the decision was amicable. Wilde’s statement on it, though, made it clear that all she wanted was a safe space for her team; she in no way wanted to bad-mouth Labeouf.

Pugh also seemed to be feuding with Wilde during all of this, though. She was upset with the publicity of the movie in its trailers, highlighting her and Style’s intimate scenes more than not. The actor didn’t want the movie to do well simply because of her famous costar; Pugh rather wanted viewers to identify the feminism in her character’s story. The cast attended the Venice Film Festival, and when Pugh neglected to show up, the internet went wild with conspiracies of her and Wilde’s relationship going south after filming.

Earning only 39% on Rotten Tomatoes, some who have seen the movie have questioned if the reviews came from men who disapprove of the underlying feminist themes. However, highlighted Google Review from Ali McKinney, a woman, claims that, “You spend what seems like forever on the edge of your seat,” to just be disappointed by the lack of resolution. She then implies that Pugh and Styles’ performance was great, but “Even they couldn’t save this dud of a movie.”

Personally, I liked the movie a lot. The acting was incredible, and the story, while similar to some other works being put out today such as Marvel’s Wanda Vision, stuck out in my mind. Olivia Wilde, herself, was also an actor in it, and her performance was one of my favorite parts. “Don’t Worry Darling” is extremely entertaining, deep in the way of women’s rights, and worth the watch. Hopefully, not everyone will let the controversies stray them away from the theater.