The Country Music Controversy


Alyssa Husband and Nathan Neubauer, Contributors

Ever since the genre’s inception in the early 1920’s, country music has always been under scrutiny and has had a following by a select, passionate few. Granted, country music is loved by millions today, however, many people in our school and country still greatly dislike the genre. However, what the haters of the genre do not realize is that country music is the most similar genre to the beloved rap music. This is because of the story telling of the lyrics and the meaning behind every word. Country music followers have always received protest for liking the smooth, soulful sounds, however, this widely disliked genre of music has the best storytelling out of every type of music.

From the lyrical descriptions of summer romance, to family love, and raising Hell on summer nights, country music is the essence of what it means to wear one’s heart on their sleeve and to truly cherish sacred moments with loved ones. For instance, the song ‘Greatest Love Story’ by LANCO, talks about a pair of teenagers who experienced young love with one another, but later parted ways after high school. All while the girl was in college, the boy was dreaming and reminiscing of what they had together, wishing he could hold her in his arms again. Once she graduated college, the two lovers’ old feelings returned and they ended up getting married. The lyrics of every country song tell a different story, which is what makes country music so great.

Country music has been around for 100 years, one thing about the genre has never changed through all of the scrutiny and backlash it has received. That is the lyrical storytelling present in every country song. Aiden Rice (11) said, “The words.” Country music is beloved by a select few, however, if people understood the stories and deeper meanings displayed in every song, the genre would be much more appreciated and liked.