Jersey Devil Coaster Review


Kevin Lewis, Contrubiter

The Jersey Devil Coaster is an RMC Raptor single rail coaster at Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey. It may not be the tallest in the park, but it is still one of the best.

I can’t even tell you how many times I rode Jersey Devil. I rode it during the day, during the night, in the front, in the back, and sometimes I just stayed there in my seat and didn’t even move. Jersey Devil is probably my favorite coaster of all time. This is my review of Jersey Devil.

In this review, I will be using “CredScore”. A total score out of 35, based on categories with a maximum of 5 points each.

Height: 3

The coaster is 130 feet tall, but the drop, on the other hand, is almost vertical and you feel crazy ejector airtime on it. One of the best drops I have ever felt.

Speed: 3

The coaster is not very fast, but it doesn’t need to be, because if it was faster, the stall would be less fun and also the ride would be over faster, also the ride feels faster than it really is.

Length: 4

The ride is compact, but it manages to feel really long, especially when you hit the brake run and you think you are done. 

Inversions: 4

This ride has 3 inversions, and they are really good inversions. Probably the best with all the normal RMC inversions.

Positive G’s: 2

This ride does not focus on positive G forces, so it is expected it is not the greatest at them.

Negative G’s: 5

Now that El Toro is closed, this ride has the best airtime in the park. There is never a moment without airtime.

Theming: 4

There is not much theming, but the trains have a devil head that looks like it is eating the track and that is cool, I also like the colors.

My only problem with this ride is that every time you go over one of the plates that hold the track together, you bump a little, and this issue is getting worse, but other than that, this is a perfect ride, so if you are in New Jersey, you should check this out.