Underrated Fair Experience


Courtney Turner, Contributor

When thinking of the fair, the first thing that comes to most people’s minds is of course, the rides. However, rather than just being a fun place to spend time with friends and family, there’s a lot to learn at the fair through their agricultural classroom!

This is no secret to some, as according to The Great Frederick Fair official website, about 6,000 elementary school students visit the fair every year purely to learn! Regardless, the learning is not limited only to students! On the fair’s nine day stretch that started on the 16th of September and is set to end on the 24th, even you can visit the ‘5 zones of learning’.

In Area 1 of the Agricultural Classroom, the most popular experience is witnessing the birth of a calf along with a crowd of excited fair-goers. The Birthing Center has been described as the “must see” exhibit at the fair, so don’t miss out on the opportunity! Other areas include learning about creating a balanced diet with My Plate, exploring the farm and garden, and even an arts and crafts center!
An alternative fair favorite than The Birthing Center also happens to be in Area 1! The Milky Way is another cow centered exhibit at the Frederick Fair that specializes in, of course, milk! Possibly the reason the Milky Way stands out in comparison to other demonstrations, is the complementary chocolate milk, which can be a nice, cooling treat after a hot day at the fair.

The fair ends in just a few days, so don’t let the learning opportunity pass you by. As reported by the University of Connecticut website, “Agriculture education programs not only teach students how to be farmers, but also train tomorrow’s scientists, nutritionists, teachers and so much more.”

So, if you were considering visiting the fair and specifically the largest agricultural classroom in Frederick County, you’ll have no problem! Through the main fair gates on Monroe Avenue, you’re already in between Areas 3 and 4, so the learning can start early!

Have fun and be safe at The Great Frederick Fair!