What Is the Best Time To Go To the Great Frederick Fair?


Grace Marshall, Contributor

The Great Frederick Fair was back in town this past week! The county always has a ton of people who go to enjoy the animals, rides, food, live music, and more. With tomorrow as the final day of the event, it is worthwhile to know what the best times were to go so that next year, everyone can enjoy it at its best.

I put out a poll to a group of high school seniors asking if they prefer to go to the fair in the morning or night, and if they usually go during the week or on the weekend. Going at nightfall got 11 out of 13 votes, and, surprisingly, it was a tie between going on weekdays and weekend days. This shows that older kids can be found at the fair any day, but they will typically be there at night- probably because they are more interested in the rides!

From this we can also infer that people with kids will be there mostly during the day, as they can’t enjoy that part of the fair, and they would probably prefer to see the livestock anyway. With adults, it can be any time. While some may go to tote their kids around, a lot of adults also go at night and just steer more toward the live music or fair games.

I know from experience that people in middle school and high school are only likely to go during the day on Fair Day. While it is extremely courteous that the county gives us this time to have fun, every day is packed, not just this special Friday. 

Any time is a great time to go to the fair. It all just depends on what/who you want to see! Kiersten Rosensteel says, though, that “Saturday was definitely not the day to go,” meaning the first day it opened. Maybe avoid that day, but definitely make a trip out!