From Titan to Titan: Messages from our Seniors


Natalie Tucker, Yearbook Editor

Dear fellow Titans,

My name is Natalie Tucker and I’m a graduate of 2020. This week, I was asked to share anything I would like to say to Titans. I would like to take this chance to give a huge thank you to the teachers I’ve had at Tuscarora. Thank you to all of my teachers. You guys are so awesome. Especially the last two years, I feel that I have learned so much not only relating to my education, but about myself. This is a bit personal, but there’s no better time to say this than now.  I’ve struggled with confidence a lot the past maybe 5 years or so. Because of my teachers and other things such as my faith in Christ, I have grown so much. My teachers, especially Mrs. Nickels, Mr.Schwab, Mr. Hanson, Mr. Hartman and Mrs. Lively has really helped me, though you guys may not have realized it at all. You guys were so encouraging and never, not even once, made me feel dumb or scared to ask a question. This has not only helped me to better my confidence, but probably so  many other students as well. You guys were always there to answer any question, and even develop a somewhat personal relationship with me which I’ve never had with teachers before. Thank you guys so much, really. Please, no matter what, continue what you’re doing. I love you guys so much and I’m sorry I never had the chance to say this to you guys in person due to the circumstances. Thank you!