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School Stress
Addison Selby, Creative Writing Submission • June 7, 2024

I can’t even begin to describe how largely school has impacted my life. The place where my dreams are put to the test I’m forced to carry the heavy burden of stress Countless...

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The Pledge
June 7, 2024
When I Was a Kid
June 7, 2024

“The Wind and the Mist”

A valley wreathed in mist did many journey to 

From the young and the old   

To the foolish and the wise 

Some had no choice but to brave it’s cold 

It was a harrowing journey that most didn’t survive 


One of these excursionists was a teacher most eccentric 

His teaching methods most strange by anyone’s metric 

The only pupil he had – a boy most withdrawn 

Watching with eyes most nervous, as they descended into the valley

and the mist blocked the forthcoming dawn 

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Many times on this journey his life almost came to a finale 

His teacher always barely saving him with a few words of encouragement 

But behind his words the boy could never rally. 

The path they traveled seemed never ending much to his discouragement 

So he prepared to express his discontent verbally 


“My teacher, when should we arrive at our destination?” he spoke 

The strange teacher simply smiled and nudged his apprentice forward with a poke

Confused the apprentice  stumbled forward deeper into the mist 

When he tried to turn back he slipped in an act of one of fate’s many cruel twists 


And he fell into a shallow lake where a eerie aura did persist 

He saw a congregation of strange ethereal creatures that did not seem to even truly exist 

In Front of them was an unassuming man with tattered clothes that one would normally dismiss 

But there was something about him that made him stand out even in the creatures midst 


He stood in front the spirits with determination;’ grim and focused 

The sword by his side and the way he held himself did not go unnoticed

So the apprentice crouched in the water and watched ready to spring away like a locust 

His curiosity at what such a man was doing here he couldn’t resist  


This is what he saw  


A single man with a mission most dire 

Stepped to the creatures to offer his tale 

“Venerable spirits I have come for assistance with a beast’s ire! 

“ I promise you I will not come here unless my plight was dire!”

He pulled out his hands and focused his will. 

“ oh wise spirits see my power!”

As he moved the wind moved with him a testament to his skill

Leaves danced in odd entrancing patterns before swirling around him in the shape of a flower 


A spirit with shape like that of a bird 

Did join in his ethereal dance  

The leaves and lilypads danced in the wind in a way previously unheard  

Now with the bird spirit joining him his powers were enhanced 


The tempo of their cyclone slowed 

The mans wish had be granted 

And now in  battle or on the long road 

His graceful movements would leave all who saw him enchanted  

With his new companion he would never be alone


The apprentice was left awestruck at what he had seen 

For he had never saw such grace 

But his reprieve was brief for a newcomer arrived to the scene 

She was a strange sight even in this stranger place 


In large ill fitting amour she did walk  

With a massive war axe she did stalk 

She challenged the strongest of the spirits to a battle 

A great bear responded to her call 

And they preceded to engage in a mighty brawl 

The warriors mighty blows were enough to make even the ground rattle 

Each of her attacks told the story of the overwhelming burden she carried 

they told a story of vengeance and blood 

Each strike slam slice and the moves she parried 

The bear spirit heard this story and did judge 

And found her worthy of assistance avenging her grudge 

The battle concluded together to an unknown fate they did trudge. 


The appearance watched in awe as more people performed more feats of awe 

But was shocked when his teacher snuck up behind him and exclaimed with a  “ah!”

His teacher winked and told him to enjoy the show 

As many odd individuals showed off what they did know 

From warriors to magicians to inventors 

Even songwriters and fellow bards were along the presenters 

The apprentice watched as his teacher did enter 


He went and gave the spirits a small piece of paper 

His excitement and confusion he couldn’t taper 

As he watched his teacher return with a small squirrel spirit

“It’s your turn to perform our craft  now my boy make sure what you write is coherent!”

“But sir” the boy spoke “ my writing cannot compare to the feats I’ve witnessed”

“For such a task I fear I’m not the fittest” 


His mentor just laughed and showed him what he had written 


Warm sun

Traveling is fun

My students worries should melt away 

In the burning dawn 


The boy was confused when he saw this

But his teacher was ready to show him the light 

My dear student there’s something you’ve missed” 

“You have been mesmerized by those other sights“

“That you’ve forgotten that we have no true plight”


“We are just traveling bards, we have no need for such power”

“We just need a little bit of assistance to make sure our luck doesn’t go sour” 

“So  my pupil write something that’s true to you”

“ write something that comes from the heart, this is your que!”


So he took his brush and wrote


The lake and the mist 

A long journey we have undertaken I have seen much and i know 

That the next dawn will bring even greater and bigger challenges 
I can’t give up, my eyes have been opened to the world’s beauty 

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