A few ideas to break up the boredom of Quarantine

Alexis Routzahn, Writer


So during these times we have been living completely different than we are used to and it is becoming the new normal. Where staying in your homes with nowhere to go listening to the news play everyday. Listening to the tragedies COVID-19 is doing to our world. So as we sit at home we need to find things to do to keep you busy. Because if we only watch netflix and sit around eating all day we won’t be motivated to do anything when this pandemic is over. So some things you could do at home to keep you busy would be to do some crafts. For example you can paint your clothes, Make clothes out of things around your house like curtains and socks. And lastly you can do monogrammed string art.

The first craft you could do is paint your clothes. You can use a jean jacket, shorts, jeans anything with a jean material. And you will take some paint any color you want and start painting or you can google some ideas and or stencils to use as an inspiration. One you know what pattern you want to do you can stencil it out by using a pencil first and drawing it on. Then you would start painting and once you are done you let it dry and try it on and you have your very own one of a kind piece of clothing. My sister Sophia Routzahn gave me this idea when she painted the pockets of her jean shorts and it turned out really good. This is a good fun relaxing way to spend your time.

 The second craft idea you could do is make clothes out of items from around your house. I got this idea from Megan Lizambri. She made a shirt and shorts out of curtains, also she made a shirt out of socks. These clothes Megan made look like something you would get at a store but this is something you cando in your home to keep you busy and entertained during quarantine. To make one of these first you would find some old socks that you don’t wear anymore then you are going to cut them up into squares. Once you have all of the pieces you need you take your sewing machine and you sow the pieces together how you want the shirt. While you are sowing stop every once and a while and try it on again to make sure it fits and looks good.

One last craft you can do from home is a fun one that I have always wanted to try. It is called monogrammed string art. You take a piece of wood, then find the stencil you want like the letter of your name. You would then put the paper on the wood and take a whole bunch of nails and nail them into the piece of wood to outline the stencil/ letter of your name. Tgen you fick any color of string you would want and you wrap the string around the nail heads outlining the letter. So that way when you are done you move the paper and you have your letter out of string.