The Young Authors Contest


Olivia Cooper

The Young Author’s Contest is a writing contest in which students can participate. The contest involves short stories as well as poetry. The contest is for kindergarten through twelfth grade, and of course each grade level is judged differently. The first part of the writing contest took place within each school, Tuscarora included. After that, the winning poems and stories are moved up to the district level, or the FCPS level. The winners of the district level will be announced in January. After district, is the state level. Within our school there were five winners.

The five winners in Tuscarora were two from ninth grade, one from tenth grade, and two from twelfth grade. In ninth grade, there was a winner for poetry as well as for short story, the poetry winner was Aliyah Albert, for her poem titled “What is This”, and the short story winner was Hannah Morton for her short story titled “The Fall of Tomorrow”. In tenth grade, there was only one winner, which was for poetry, said winner was Nora Schobel for her poem “Past Lives”. For twelfth grade, there were two winners, one for poetry as well as one for short story; the poetry winner was Kirsten Waskewich for her poem “A Letter to My Stressed Out Self”, and the short story winner was Olivia Cooper for her story “The House Beyond the Woods”. All of these winners will have their poems and short stories move on to the FCPS level. Their creations will be judged along with those of others from different schools.

As previously stated, the results for the next part of the contest will be announced in January.



Well, it is now January, and the results of the FCPS level of the contest have been announced. Within our school, one of the previous winners one at the FCPS level. The winner from our school was Aliyah Albert, she won second place for her poem “What is This”. In March, she will be honored by FCPS. Since she did not win first, her poem will not be going to state, but even if that’s the case, it’s amazing she got second! So, congratulations to Aliyah Albert for winning second place in the district level.