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Key Club Plants a Tree
Key Club Plants a Tree
Ms. Marcotte, Advisor • May 17, 2024

You may have noticed a new addition to the Tuscarora High School grounds this week, and no, that tree was not always there! This past Monday, May 13 around 2:30 p.m....

Sports – More Than a Game: Interview with Mr. Babb

Understand from a coach’s perspective on how sports can affect kids’ lives

Some play for years, others months, but regardless of the time spent at a certain sport, most athletes appreciate the lessons they’ve learned from their sport much more than the specific skill that they’ve picked up and perfected. There are so many lessons taught in sports that translate and stick with students for life. The connections built and the challenges faced make sports much more than just a game. To get a better understanding of the importance and effects sports have on kids’ lives, I interviewed someone who has seen it in real time, Mr. Babb, the girls’ cross country and track coach.

Mr. Babb grew up as the student of many teachers he viewed as great, leaving him with an overall pretty good school experience. He worked as a camp counselor at a horse camp for many years and liked the energy that the kids brought. These experiences were what encouraged him to become a teacher and work with kids.

When asked how much extra workload it is to be a coach in addition to a teacher, he laughed and responded with “A ton, I don’t know how to quantify it but it’s worth it, definitely worth it.”

When asked what event he thought he would be good at, he mentioned that he was once good at the 800m. He does not have a favorite distance to watch and cheer on, stating “I love the relays, all the relays, any relay they’re just fun.”

Whether it is cheering or playing music, Mr. Babb is always trying to encourage his athletes to keep pushing. Mr. Babb is known for his widely-liked playlists at practice. “Babb’s music really lifts the mood at practice, especially when he starts singing along; it’s really funny,” says junior track athlete Jada Grant. 

Mr. Babb’s favorite song to get him hyped before a track or cross country meet is “Calm Like a Bomb” by Rage Against the Machine. In the same way one can memorize the words to a song, or how a coach can be remembered by an athlete forever, there are many athletes that Mr. Babb said have left a memorable impact on him.

“I could name hundreds of names. I mean, look at my wall,” said Mr. Babb, alluding to his gigantic picture-filled wall of past team pictures. “Too many to count,” I added. 

When asked about a personal mantra that he wants his athletes and students to live by, Mr. Babb said, “Character is what you are when no one’s watching.”

Mr. Babb believes what makes a successful student athlete is someone that is consistent, understands the ups and downs of athletics, excels individually for the team and is able to see the big picture. This past spring/early summer Mr. Babb had a couple student athletes medal at nationals. He said that this was his favorite track/cross country memory, stating “That’s pretty memorable, that’s a big deal.”

While I’m sure if one asks the girls’ track and cross country team they could list a ton of things that they will remember about Mr. Babb or have learned from him. When asked what he feels is the most important thing he wants his athletes to leave knowing, Mr. Babb said, “I want kids to know just how much sports can help you in life, understanding all the lessons you can learn from athletics, adversity, hard work, all those things you can apply to the rest of your life and probably will.”

He also wants kids to leave with the many connections made with their teammates. “It’s a special time in your life,” he said. It is clear that track is so much more than a sport, and that a sport is so much more than a game. Sports plays a huge part in the lives of the athletes and the people that they become and if they don’t know that yet, they will definitely understand after being coached by Mr. Babb.

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