Xbox Series S Review


Kevin Lewis

So, you wanna buy the Xbox Series S? Do you have an Xbox One? If you said yes, do not buy the Xbox Series S, buy the Xbox Series X or the Playstation 5. Here is my review of the Xbox Series S.

For those of you who do not know, the Xbox Series S is Microsoft’s next generation console, now with no disk drive. You may say “I don’t need a disk drive” that’s what past me said, past me was an idiot. “What’s good about a disk drive” do you like movies, music, or games? Do you like not buying games from gamestop or yard sales? Do you not like watching 4K movies, blu ray discs, or DVDs, do you not like listening to CDs? Well the Xbox Series S is for you, if you want to save money, buy the S, if you want to actually buy an Xbox, buy the X, and I forgot to mention, you can play all the old xbox games on the X too, also that new COD game.