Tuscarora students overjoyed at arrival of winter season


“I’m observing lots of ice, my breath is steaming up outside… there’s a lot of sickness going around,” said Ethan Putnam, a junior and massive fan of the winter season. Today marks the first day of everyone’s favorite frosty season, despite early occurrences of winter weather hallmarks that have plagued Frederick since mid-November.

“I’m shocked that winter hasn’t come sooner–I associate Christmas with winter,” said Cecelia Zombro, a senior and Christmas enthusiast. According to polls, Christmas is most of America’s favorite holiday, and it seems that the same is true at Tuscarora. “Christmas is my favorite holiday–I love the music and baking cookies,” said Madison Gonzalez, a senior.

Christmas, however, is just one of many winter holidays. Many Tuscarora students celebrate Hanukkah, which began on Dec. 18 and continues until Dec. 26, and some celebrate Kwanzaa.

Additionally, several weather services forecasted a white Christmas, however, this no longer seems to be the case, to the disappointment of many. 

“I love throwing snow, and playing in the snow,” said Isabella Saez, a junior. “It’s a great time passer.”

Frederick has yet to have a big day of snow this month–most of the frozen precipitation comes in January and February–and the FCPS Board of Education recently made headlines with its decision to implement virtual days in lieu of school snow closures. Some students are pleased with the decisions while others are not.

“I think that’s the smartest thing to do,” said Gonzalez. “I like having a day off because that’s what we’ve always done, but virtual days are good for students who don’t want to make up days in the summer,” said Zombro.

Overall, many enjoy the holiday season and festivities and weather that follows it.