One photograph at a time


Grace Mboumba

A photographer in Florida is helping her community after the devastating outcome that hurricane Ian left behind. 

Memories are important to everyone, and frequently cherished. Those memories are often captured in photos, left in albums for reminiscing later on. However for those who live in Florida, after hurricane Ian, those memories are lost or damaged. That is where Krista Kowalczyk comes in. 

As a photographer herself with her own business, she had many bookings that were mostly weddings. Alternatively she decided to help her community, and her services along with advice for free. How to maintain photographs that were ruined, care for those who are soaked and almost at a point of no return. She has been working non stop for a full week, asking and offering help. 

Along with her assistant, she knocked on every door asking people if they needed help recovering their photographs. As the word spread she received requests from family members and friends. 

Her living room along with the trunk of her car,  are becoming the center of this photo recovery process. And for the questions or problems that she’s faced so far, she’s been asking a photography forum for help. With clients already finding new wedding locations that she has been requested to travel to, she feels grateful to have such a supportive community.