Vanilla Ice Is Coming To Frederick

Vanilla Ice Is Coming To Frederick

Madison Roberts, Contributor

The Great Frederick Fair opened on Friday September 16th.  This Thursday was the big I Love The 90’s Tour! Featured performers were Coolio, Tone Loc, Rob Base, Montell Jordan, Young MC, and the big act was Vanilla Ice. Parents who grew up in the 90s were ecstatic about the concert- When Hope Roberts heard about the tour she said, “ Vanilla Ice is coming to town? It’s like I’m living out my college dreams!” 

Last year Jon Pardi and Drew Parker performed at the Frederick Fair. Though it was a great turn out, and lots of people came to watch them perform , this years performers blew last year out of the woods! 

Tickets to see the amazing performers were $85. Unfortunately, Thursday was the only day you could go to the concert due to the fair closing the 24th. 

The biggest performance of the night was Vanilla Ice singing “Ice Ice Baby”. Everyone started dancing because it was a hit! People from all around Maryland came to see the I love The 90’s perform at the fair.

This concert was the perfect way to bring family and friends together. The fair marks the end of summer and beginning of fall and I’d say Vanilla Ice was the perfect way to close out the summer.