The best trending tacos


Melissa R.

Birria taco is a mexican dish that has received so much attention this year from social media, platforms like tiktok and instagram .it’s known for its color,crispiness,the meat and the mess ,you will love it when you see it .but what is a birria taco for those don’t know , birria is a meat stew bathed in melange of chiles and spices giving it a red deep color and it also features the tortilla that is dipped on the broth from the stew to than be thrown in the griddle filled with meat,giving the instagram crispiness worthy look .the birria tacos are also served with the consomme or broth from the stew the meat is bathed in on the side as dipping, but it can also be topped with onions or cilantro.but what make this the best dish ?Well to start, tacos are the best in the world but these tacos are unique, they will melt in your mouth by how slowly cooked to tender perfection they are and they are packed with flavors made with a mix of sweet and savory taste ,they are also great for any events with family and friends .i will be forever obsessed with these tacos since the first time i saw them i knew they were going to be worth it by how good looking they were, personally i order them several times with meat and cheese giving it a even more incredible flavor.