Cafe Nola

Local Downtown Frederick Small Business!

Cafe Nola

Isabella Saez, Assistant Editor

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Cafe Nola is a small business devoted to providing coffees, bar drinks and breakfast/lunch foods. Serving us in our local Downtown Frederick area, Cafe Nola has promised to dish us at all hours of the day from 8 A.M. ‘til 2 A.M. No matter the occasion, the small shop has a varied menu and has family friendly dining options!


Diving into their diverse menu, Cafe Nola offers a wide range of meals. From crab dip starters to spinach salad and BLT sandwiches. They also have a variety of breakfast bagels and extra sides to accompany your main course! Looking over their drink options, Cafe Nola is well known for their lattes! They include the Betty White, Ninja Turtle and Velvet Lounge but do not exclude additional flavors. They also showcase special house cocktails and wines for their happy hour from 4 P.M. to 7 P.M.

While you dine at Cafe Nola, you can also enjoy free entertainment! The small cafe is notorious for having bands coming in like “Jack Funk”, “The Dirty Middle”, “Elie The Waltz” and “Marshall Fuzz”.  Furthermore, DJ Al comes in on Wednesday nights at 10 P.M. to start up karaoke for customers while the cafe is closed and the bar is open! You can also find them posted up during our own downtown festivals serving coffee to locals walking by. 

Sitting by the big forefront windows in Cafe Nola has always been a student favorite! They provide seating and Wi-Fi for those who need a quiet place to study. Moreover, the dainty coffee shop welcomes all people and wants to be of use to help everyone out! Whether you are a foreigner or local to Downtown Frederick, Cafe Nola can add to your study experience. 

Invite your family and friends for a quick drink at Cafe Nola on 4 E. Patrick St. this Saturday! Appreciate some live music and well cooked downtown food. Your time there will be one for the books!