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New Music Reviews

New Music Reviews

Most teenagers, and even some adults, know what new music Friday is, but if you don’t let me tell you. New music Friday is when some artist drops a new single or album.

For example Lil Tecca, a well known artist, dropped a new album [TEC] last Friday.

My opinion on it may be different from others, but I enjoyed the album. I am a fan of Lil Tecca and the transitions he has in the album are very good, as with the song “Gist” to “500lbs” he used the beats to transition to one other. You can tell he took his time to make this album enjoyable for people. I have not seen a bad reaction from people.

Raw0ne made a review on this album as he does for other artists. He first notes how he likes how Tecca is.

“I always loved his personality and the unadulturated fun of some of his songs. Ransom, Left Right, Bossanova, Out of Love, Love Me, Amigo, Did It Again are some of my favorite songs from him. Also I liked some of his contributions to songs from other artists, especially his production on Knock Knock by SoFaygo”

He doesn’t only like his music but how he acts.

When he talks about the album he says he enjoyed it.

“TEC feels like a step in the right direction and a good effort with even some experimentation when it comes to production. At only 38 minutes long the album doesn’t feel like it is overstaying its welcome. It delivers some fun and exciting tunes and doesn’t try too hard.”

Some other people who liked this album are Taylor Elder and Alonze Martinez.

Taylor liked the first half of the album more than the second. His reasoning for this is, “The beat selection in the first half is better and his lyrical prowess is shown more in the first half.”
His favorite song on the album is “Fell in Love”(with Ken Carson)

Alonzo’s take on this new album was that he really likes it. He says “that jaunt fire and it was actually really good.”

The things he liked about the album was that it had a really good flow that he doesn’t have to be in a certain mood to listen to it. He can just listen to it and enjoy his day. His favorite song on the album is “HVN ON EARTH” (with Kodak Black).

Someone else that has dropped recently is Drake, another well known artist. He dropped a new single to tease how his upcoming album will be like.

With this single, I have heard mixed opinions. Some say it’s great, some say it isn’t as good as other Drake songs.

A review I found was made by Eiley Abarca-Millan. She says that “the five minute long song is mellow-rap, with the two of them going back and forth about the lies and disappointment of others. Many fans of Drake and SZA say that the song lacked an important beat progression which made the song sound flat and not very interesting and I agree.”

I am a fan of Drake so I really liked the song and verses he had in the song. When I listen to the song, I listen to what he is trying to say. When he raps through the months like, “July that’s when I found out you lied” or “September we are falling off but I’m still the man you are trying to win over,” he says what has happened in his love life through the year. That new single has made me and others excited for the new album, and hope he will not delay it again.

Anthony also really liked this song, but he did not like Szas part. He says that, “her flow was good but her lyrics weren’t matching the flow.”

His favorite part of the song is that he can relate to it by the end of the song when Drake raps through the months. The bar he related to the most was, “August it was baby this baby that like you had your tubes tied.”

Rod Wave has also dropped an album named “Nostalgia.” With this album I never really was a fan of his music, and it seems like a lot of people aren’t either. My rating on this album is a solid 5/10. I enjoyed two out of 18 songs. I don’t relate to his music, but I have heard good reviews on this album from his fans. In my opinion there are a lot of better artists to listen to, like the ones I mentioned. Their music is more relatable.

Someone else who reviews the album is Issac Fontes. He mentions that “Rod Wave is a sad dude whose notes app is likely quite a depressing read.”

He also talks about the beats Rod likes to use for his songs. “The instrumentals he’s backed by blend into each other without any varying qualities. His soulful reflections over Trap beats laced with booming 808s accompanied by either a twinkling piano loop or a drawling guitar riff.” He gave this album a 3.5/5

This album has gotten mixed reactions. I talked to three people about this album: Sebastian White, Pablo Guevara and Braxon Imber

Sebastian says that he really likes the album. It is his favorite artist, so maybe this is biased.

He says that “it is very good; a 10/10.” He mentions how Rod is relatable to him and he loves the beats and flow of the songs.

His favorite song is “Great Gatsby” because it has good flow, and he likes the lyrics and beats.

When I interviewed Pablo, his opinion was that the album is very bad. He says, “Rod as an individual might be a good person but as an artist I don’t think he is as good as other people”. Some other things that he mentions is that “he is overrated and his friends need to be humbled and listen to better music.” He does not have a favorite song, he actually doesn’t like any song on the album.

Braxon also did not like this album; he gave it a 4/10. He mentions how he isn’t a fan of Rod to begin with “he is another basic sad artist.” He also does not like the piano beats; he doesn’t find them interesting or creative. “Sure his voice is okay but it’s just so boring.” He says he likes the features but he would have liked more, and just like Pablo, he doesn’t have a song he likes.

That’s only some of the new drops of this month. Artists drop on Fridays when they have a song or album coming out. Now you know when to look if your favorite artist dropped or not.


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