Wheels or Doors? Which one are there more of on the planet Earth?


Grace Marshall, Writer

A new argument has emerged based off of a viral tweet from Ryan Nixon posing the question: 

Are there more doors or wheels in the world?


What’s interesting about this debate is that there is no feasible way to prove the correct answer. People on TikTok have been making their cases for a while now; Door aguers have made claims that vehicles (typically) have just as many doors as wheels, and that skyscrapers must have more doors than wheels. However, that point is proven moot when they think of how many wheels are attached to each desk chair… Those who are Team Wheels are arguing that this is the case for most items with doors. Famous academic, Hank Green, made the case for wheels by acknowledging Hot Wheels, which have many functioning wheels but no working doors.


It all gets very complicated once an adjoining question was asked: 

What exactly constitutes a door and a wheel?


Some claim that anything that rotates is a wheel, which even makes revolving doors, wheels. Every microwave door has at least four inner wheels underneath the plate, and think of all of the gears in there too? Is a gear a wheel? By definition a wheel is something that rotates on an axle, so actually, yes it is. Those arguing for doors can’t dismiss this fact, as it blows the discussion wide open. Even if cruise ships possibly have more doors than wheels, with wheels as a more varied object their team is growing day by day.


So what do you think? Is this still up for debate, or has Team Doors given in, but not without honing the argumentative skills in the process? UP NEXT: blades of grass or strands of hair?