New Team Sports Volleyball Class

New Team Sports Volleyball Class

Alexis Routzahn, Writer

Coach Swink, with the aid of some other teachers, is trying to bring a new team sports elective to the school next year in the form of Team Sports-Volleyball. When asked what made him want to start this new elective Coach Swink responded, “Mrs. Valentine has a friend at TJ who said their program was very successful. I also talked to some of the girls on the volleyball team to see if they would be interested. The girls on the volleyball team said they think it would be a great idea.” Coach Swink, also thinks that by having this elective it will give other inexperienced girls a starting point.


By offering this class it gives the people who want to play volleyball a chance to play it. Because there is no high school team for them and due to regulations they cant play on the girls team. I have talked to a wide variety of guys about if there were a guys team would they play and the majority of them said yes. But some said only if it were during a different season because it would keep them from other sports. They think it would be a great idea and it’s something that should be looked into. There are also girls who need to improve their skills because they want to be on the team, so this would be a good way for them to get the extra practice and have fun.


I asked, Coach Swink if he was excited for team sports volleyball to happen he said “he is excited about having a new elective that the kids can participate in. Because by offering this class it is giving the kids another option so they can venture out and try something new.” He said that they would run this class to help people of all skills. They would go over the basics and help the kids one on one who need it. But they would split people up by skill level so that it would be fair for everyone and would play a lot of games and drills to help improve. They would also have the experienced players help people and would use them to run some fun drills.


If team sports volleyball becomes a class next year it will be very popular. I hope this article helps you and gives you a good idea on this possible new class. This is a class you should go and tell people about so go today and sign up for this class so it can happen. If you have a free class and want to stay active or if you want to try and make the volleyball team this will help you develop those skills. You will also get the help and the practice to be able to work with players and learn from them.