Math Teachers Pied on Pi Day


Mia Egerman, Editor in Chief

As we previewed in the Times last week (click here for the original article), the NMHS sponsored a Pi Day fundraising event wherein students could donate money to not only support charities, but also to nominate a a teacher in the Math Department to receive a pie in the face.

On Wednesday, March 14th after school, students and teachers gathered on Main St. to see teachers receive pies in the face. While it was a short period of collecting donations, the NMHS managed to raise $120.00 of which $60 will be donated to the Frederick Humane Society and $60 towards Leukemia Research. Mr. Babb raised the most money, however he wasn’t the only taking a pie to the face. If you missed the event, you can still look below to see the action. Thanks to everyone who participated. 

Babb Gets a Pie in the face on Pi Day!!!

Mr. Coughlin gets Pi-ed