National Math Honor Society Sponsors Pi Day Event


Mia Egerman, Editor in Chief

Pi Day is just around the corner and Titans are getting ready for the festivities! Pi Day is on March 14th since π equals 3.14159265359… and with 3.14 being the first three digits of the number, 3/14 is a perfect date for the holiday. But what is Pi? Pi is the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter and stays consistent from circle to circle. It can be calculated to over 1,000,000,000,000 digits past the decimal and is an extremely useful number in geometry for formulas, being used in more real-world situations than one may realize.

All over the country, pie eating contests and other pie-related festivities occur as an annual celebration. The National Math Honors Society has organized a fundraiser for Pi Day, this year. Next Wednesday after school, after Titans donate to the cause, participating math teachers will get pied by a randomly selected student. The process works like so; a student chooses a math teacher who they’d want to pie (Babb, Lizik, Kasprzak, Coughlin, Welker, Murrell), they donate any dollar amount to the teacher’s specific bucket, their name is entered on a ticket and placed in the running to pie that teacher, then the teacher chooses a ticket at random ultimately deciding their fate.

Now’s the time to get back at that one teacher who gave you a low grade on a test or graded your homework based on accuracy instead of completion. Now’s the time to serve revenge on the teacher that insists on talking through quiet, individual assignments. After all, it’s going towards a good cause. The  National Math Honors Society will be choosing a charity to give the donations to after Pi Day, so stay tuned and make sure to look out for a NMHS representative walking around your lunch shift- they’ll be carrying buckets for donations so you, too, can be a part of the change.