What makes a Good teacher?

What makes a Good teacher?

Claudia Ennin

Teaching is a complicated job which needs a lot of patience, heart or should I say love and care together with broad knowledge and the teacher loves his or her job. Day in day out whatever a teacher does in our presence has an impact in our life. What defines a good teacher?

A good teacher is one that has patience and time for his or her students. The world was not created to have smart people or all dumb people involve. Therefore we see all levels of knowledge in school. Mostly good teachers help out students that do help themselves. We all know of students that misbehave towards teachers in each and every class and most teachers try to tell them what to do because they have time for those tough time students. A good teacher is willing to stay after school or make you see him or her to make sure you do not fail his or her class. A teacher that takes the time to check your own grades to benefit you is a good teacher. Some teachers also make sure we understand whatever we are been taught so they sometimes approach us and ask, “Do you understand today’s teachings,” or “Do you need help.” That is one sign of a good teacher. Point 1: Good teachers believe in their students. 

Teachers who love teaching, teach children to love learning. We students have to have in mind teachers have their own different lives after school or after we leave their class. But seeing them each day we do not know whatever is behind their smile. Some teachers face issues at home but see to it that it does not affect their work and their students because they love teaching. Sometimes it hurts for me to see most students disrespect teachers especially those with the good heart. They have the heart to teach that is why they really want to be good teachers. This kind of teachers do take positive risks for their students in other to help the life of their students. And they understand how most students feel. They do not discriminate between students, they make all students feel comfortable and equal. Point 2: Good teachers have the good heart to teach.

 High expectations can be achieved with clear intentions. Good teachers are ones that are also organized in a way that all students fit in their world of teaching. Most teachers wish to see us passing their class and gaining good knowledge from their class. They do not give up on us. Point 3: Teachers have good intentions and high expectation.
Do you now know who your good teachers are? How they try to help you out with your studies? These signs are how to determine good teachers. They put hard work into their work and we must be thankful to them for impacting knowledge into us each and every time. At the end of a semester just remember to tell them, “Thank you”. That would put a smile on his or her face even without you giving them a penny.
Good teachers motivate us and encourage us saying, ” we could do it and can make it.”